• Photos from Matthew Phillips's post

    Who's the one wanted intake boot can't find post so busy on here

    • Hi Kevin £32 if you want it posted it's mint condition no cracks

    • How do i go about paying for it. Kev

    • hi Kev is PayPal ok?

    • Matthew Phillips yes thats is fine can you send the details

    • Kevin Murphy thanks il send you pm now

    • Hi Matthew, did you sell the intake boot?

    • Hi Craig Niccolls this one is sold did you need one

    • Yes I need one if you have one please. The one that's on my bike has been bodged as its cracked.

    • Ok il check for you in morning

    • Great thanks Matthew

    • This is the one I need. Looks different to yours??

    • Craig Niccolls it looks like a contact point type set-up....

    • It's different

    • Thanks both, I'll just have to keep searching ebay to find one. Works fine at the moment but just doesn't look the best.

    • hi im also in need of ones of these, let us know if theres any going, mines all cracked, cheers

    • I've sealed cracks before with sikaflex marine sealant, even when they've been cracked right through.

    • right, thanks for that will give it a go!