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Ordered this velocity stack and jet kit for my trip to Daytona 4 or 5 weeks ago...came in the day I left for Daytona...Anyways, I'll try to get a better picture tomorrow, but I think it looks pretty sweet.

  • Before...

  • How hard was it to install?

  • The stack itself is no problem at all. Just 3 little set screws. Re-jetting is a little more difficult. I'm still tweaking it. Just got done swapping the main jet for the 3rd time. Have to pull seat, tank, and carb all the way off of the bike to change the jets. Kinda sucks.

  • I also pulled all of the emissions junk off of the bike while I had it torn down.

  • It feels so weird not seeing the air box lol but sick

  • Where do you get you highway pegs?

  • Built them.

  • Looks good. How's the performance? Where did you get your jet kit and stack?

  • Be honest with you, it's like riding a different bike. Still tweaking a little with the jetting, it was running pretty lean before. Got both from TJ Brutal Customs.

  • Just read that reply and realized that I really didn't tell you anything. MUCH better throttle response, seems to have a good deal more power through the mid section...all around more power I guess. It seems to slack off a little at WOT...still better than stock, but not as much difference at WOT as the mid range. I think I need to go up one more size on the main jet. I'm close though, so I'm going to put a little seat time in and check the plugs before I do.

  • Thanks! I agree that sounds lean and another size up will probably help at wide open throttle.