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One of the best things about a group like this is the shared information. A few people asked for the results of my handlebar changeout a couple weeks ago, so hear goes...I was going to swap my stock risers and handlebars for some shorter risers/clamps and some 10" bars (I've been roasted for calling them Apes!) and was hoping that changing the risers would offset the rise difference and I would be able to use my stock cables....No Dice. None of the cables or brake lines went the distance. Throttle cables were close, but were pretty tight and I suspect would have stuck. (I didn't actually connect everything. So...if I've got to get new cables anyways, decided to return the bars and get 12's. Included a few pics for reference. I'll post some more when I get the new bars.

  • Me too John this point it seems like every thing I try to do takes 3 other parts to make it work! It'll get there one day.

  • That's why I haven't done bars yet, it's my daily driver

  • Nobody should have roasted you for calling them apes when theoretically they are mini apes. Sucks they didn't fit with your cables they were nice looking bars

  • It's all good. I think it was all in fun. I'm still gonna use the same style bars, I'm just going to go with the 12's.

  • Sure hope so but u never know for sure sometimes I love the style of your bars if I had more spending money i would have ordered that style

  • I hear that! I changed to drag bars. Thought 20min job! Nope. Fucked with them for weeks. I had the opposite problem. To much cable. Needed different mirrors which led to new grips lol. That's how your project evolves.

  • yep! I've already got the grips and mirrors, lol. Same here. Once you start, it's hard to find a stopping point.

  • Looks good though...where did you get those highway pegs and how do you like them. I built mine, but wish they were chrome.

  • With the 12" did you only have to get longer clutch cable and brake line?

  • No Jason. Needed them all. I've understand that the spirit has a little shorter cables than other shadows. I can tell you that I ended up going with 14's and the cable list was as follows. No pics yet, just put them on yesterday.


    Throttle= +7"

    Brake= +6"

  • Are you having to extend the wires for your switches too?

  • Yep. Cut spliced and soldered in about 9" of wire.

  • Ah thanks for the information man, appreciate the insight.

  • Any time.