Photos from Maurice Primeaux's post

Progress my 12's in, might should have gone with 14's, but I'm pretty happy with these. Now for cables...

  • Got the bars from and the happen to be on sale right now. Clamps came from good old amazon. 2007 Spirit vt750c2. Not sure on the cables yet. Have to do some looking.

  • And thanks by the way. I'm liking it too!

  • Are they 1 1/4 bars or 1 inch. And the clams is it a specific size ? Once again love the look. I have a 2001 and would live to change my bars.

  • They are 1 1/4" bars, but they neck down for 1" controls and clamps. The clamps ended up having a 2" rise, but they are for 1" bars.

  • Thanks for the details

  • Any way you can provide exact language no to parts.

  • For the clamps, I just punched in "1" motorcycle risers metric"...that'll get you a good many options. For bars I put in something to the tune of "motorcycle handlebars honda shadow" in the google monster. I looked for a long while before settling with the ones I got. They are 12" El Diablo Apehangers from They come in different heights, I went with the 12" and my arms are pretty much level. If you want your hands up a little, either need to go with taller risers or taller bars. The description for the bars will have the year and model of your bike. Mine said something like "'07-present honda shadow vt750c2"

  • Sweet. Thanks once again

  • No problem.

  • Looks great to me.

  • I love that whole set... gotta get me those skull risers.