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Sometime back someone said he was told to not to use the nut on the valve steam and here you go this is why !!

Next photo i am looking for two spokes used back wheel ct 110 if you would like to help me ???

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  • Why ?

  • I don't understand this post.

    How did securing the valve cause this damage?

  • True, never tighten the nut on your valve, screw it out against the valve cap. Then if youre tyre and tube spin on your rim youll see it before it rips your tube in half.

  • What spokes are they for? Don't say ct110 there is two sizes also inner or outer

  • John I did buy some for a CT110 but they are too short don't fit any of the spokes on my 89 the spoke is 165 mm long ???? that i am after ?????