• Photos from Michael Stevenson's post

    If you could have any helmet, past or present, which one would it be ?

    We want to know what helmet reaches that "BEST or FAVORITE" status.

    Post up your ALL TIME Favorite Helmet that you have or wish you had.

    Here's a few of ours....

    Arai Haga Fire & Ice Replica

    Arai John Hopkins Monster Replica


    • My arai tour X4 is awesome for ventilation and has brilliant visibility

    • Roof boxer when there brand new and work and fav for heat waves to show everyone how many flys you caught in your mouth

    • Hmmmmm no modular helmets yet

    • Colin Edwards Laguna is on my wish list.

    • Bell Bullitt

    • Bell Bullitt

    • This is what I wear.

    • Skully

    • This is what I wear. Safety talk powder (tradition under Songkran festival), safety Songkran shirt, safety fake Ray Ban shades and safety flip-flops.