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How can i find out what kind of honda shadow i have its a 96 vt1100. I got it from my brother he still has title and says is just a vt1100 shadow. Also today was my first day of my msf class. Gonna get my endorsement finally.

  • The 1100 didn't have a side mount air cleaner. Is yours a fake/custom mod?...Give me the VIN number and I'll tell you exactly what it is.

  • I just checked.and yes it has allot of mods. Vin says it's a 1996 vt1100 c2 shadow ace. Trying to do research on the ave now.don't know nothing about it.but it rides nice

  • Thats exactly what it looks like (except for the air cleaner). I have a 95 ACE. There is a repair manual & owners manual in the Files Section for you to download if you want them. ACE means American Classic Edition. The entire bike and all its parts are 100% American made. Factory in Marysville, OH. Yes, Japanese suppliers as well as American suppliers, but all have factories in the USA. The ACE is more AMERICAN than its red-headed 3rd cousin..the H-D.

  • Awesome ya the air cleaner is a mod. But I'm just happy i know what it is now i was asked a few times and didn't know



  • Looks similar to my 02 750 ACE

  • Pretty sure that's a Honda Shadow Sexy Bitch VT1100

  • I have that exact same bike, same year, same colors..... 96 VT1100 C2 ACE American Classic Edition

  • Nice