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    Hello all, i'm a beginner at the motorcicle world and after looking for like 4 months for a bike and going from brand yo brand, metrics and harleys i picked a shadow aero, and im so pleased i did and i love it!!!

    • Hey!!! Nice ride Todd Van!!! Mine is a 2005.

      I appreciate your comments, i really love the bike and the fun driving it!!!

    • whats not to love,aero`s are the best

    • Great choice!

    • Great choice of bike, you will love it. I would suggest that you try adjusting the handle bars back more inline with the forks. I think you may find it handles better. Just a suggestion, 40+ years of experience.

    • Looks like mine

    • Welcome Miguel! Nice color!

    • This is a very nice color combination. Congratulations on a great choice!

    • Ride safe, but have fun!

    • Take a class! or for now at least watch this. Ride Safe! Ride Often!


    • I took the local Harley Davidson new rider course. It was fun and informative. Learned a lot of good stuff.