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I just installed the $99 Cycle-Tech electronics ignition in my bike. I've been plagued with problems with the right cylinder fouling plugs and the bike running crappy, skipping and popping all summer. It was an easy install but make sure you are at TDC on the compression stroke when you start. I didn't check and had the rotor 180 degrees out. One thing to be aware of is that the pickup on the right is for the left cylinder. Setting the timing was so easy using a test light. You remove the condenser so you can plug the light into the empty connector. Now on to the the good part. My 2 mile test ride was the first time all summer that the bike ran clean from idle to redline. I kept waiting for a skip, pop or backfire but it never happened. I don't know how it will hold up in the long run but I'll keep you all posted.

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  • Awsome

  • I feel like the FBI is going to show up and confiscate my bike.

  • Glad it fixed your niggles, I have a box full of points now as I change over to an electronic ignition on every CB459 I build.

  • Ha! I think you're safe ;) I'll kick their ass.

  • Thanks Becky

  • Anytime

  • Best you take it off and send it to me. I'll dispose of the thing properly for you... :-)

  • Just as an aside to this.

    I notice the Charlie's Place ignition...and probably the others, talk about these being "not compatible with non-regulated systems" Does this mean if the regulator dies, as is often the case, that the ignition will die with it?

  • I am having the same troubles, installing the cheap one tomorrow to see if it solves my issues. I felt the same way about the Charlie's place price but also I share the displeasure with cheap Chinese knockoffs. It came down to eliminating ignition issues from my diagnosis and $99 is better then $200. I plan to upgrade later if these don't work out in the long run. Wish me luck that I can get some seat time in yet this summer.

  • Anybody know if this works on the CB350 too?

    (Or comparable unit)?

    Seems like a good price.

  • Yes mine is for CB350 and CL350, search eBay you will find it.

  • I think that's why upgrading the reg/rec and coils is recommended. I'll ask Charlie, been helping him tile.

  • You get what you pay for. Keep your points with you when you're out.

  • Thanks, be interesting to know.

    So you're a tiler now?

  • I have tiled in my day, yes. Of course Charlie has to go for the original 1920's layout... Not complicated at all! Ha!

  • I did our last two bathrooms... that's enough for me. lol

    Maybe a mosaic fuel tank then?

  • I used to do that, too:

  • Glenn, Charlie said it won't kill his since he's started the local manufacture, the only way to fry his is to "repeatedly cause massive ground failures". I also know that the old charging systems were not that great and can't keep up with the power the electronic ignitions need.

    Did that answer your question or did I miss the mark?

  • Sounds good. I was concerned that if using the original regulator and it fizzled out that it may cause failure of the ignition unit as well....which could get expensive on a regular basis. lol

    Thanks for checking!

  • I am having issues... my test light stays on while rotating the motor. never shuts off? I have watched the video several times and did it exactly the way it was on the video. What am I doing wrong?

  • no installing electronic ignition from tytronic

  • No problem

  • Ordered a unit from eBay and it is dead, working with cycle-tech now to get another. I will let you know what happens...

  • Are you sure you have the test light plugged into the correct spot. It has to go on the points side of the coil? If you test it on the other side you will have power all the time.