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Installing Mikuni's on a CB450.

Even though I took them back off the instillation was almost straight forward. I bought the kit from Power-Barn because it came with the manifolds that have the correct clearance and angle the right side carb out to clear the battery box. I also bought the custom cable because you can't use the stock cables. I did have to file down the end where it goes in the throttle tube so it fit in but it's no big deal. The other problem I ran into was the choke knob on the right carb was hitting the petcock so I snipped the plastic knob down a little you will see it in the pictures. I installed them on a 1968 K1 and was able to put the side covers back on by angling the air filters and carbs a little. I did end up removing them because I found my problem to be ignition and not the carburetor's. I'll post all the pictures below.

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  • are the mikuni better than the keihin?

  • I couldn't tell because my ignition was messed up and I was having the same problem. It did seem to have more top end/over rev with the mikuni. Now that I solved my ignition problem I'll probably stay with the Keihn to keep it more original.

  • So - do you want to sell me the Mikunis?

  • Cliff Overton yes I am planning on selling. PM me, I'll give you a great deal.