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    Pad or no pad?? RFX taper bars thoughts??

    • Pad

    • Pad! Don't wanna be smacking yer face off that!

    • With pad

    • Loving the width and hieght of these

      How much did they set u back and have u gt a link 4 those risers that bolt 2 standards as thats a cracking idea

    • I paid £20 2nd hand for the risers being a cheap skate of Ebay but there only between £26- £30 new anyway on eBay there RFX as well but be careful as there's 2 types

    • Cheers fella

      So do you have a link to the right type then lol

    • Bars are advertised on eBay at £65 ish but the seller had shite feedback as people stating there items took 3-4weeks to arrive and some damaged and some not turning up so I paid £69.99 & £5 postage and turned up in 2 days

    • Oh i c what u mean

      I thought u ment there was 2 different types of risers lol

      Or do these bats come with them

    • I don't use mine, I like it with our the pad

    • Risers were £20 2nd hand I had for weeks before buying the bars! But there only £26- £30 new anyway bud you need the two bolts version with blue thread lock on the bolts in photos and obviously not the single thicker bolted ones!

    • Don't know how to share on owners page?? Doh so look at my profile I've shared a few RFX parts on my own home Mike E Edwards

    • Cheers found it all fella

      Can u do me a favour n get a ruff length of the 22mm section of the bars plz

      As looking for bars that have enough room for thr hand brake set up lol

    • With pad!..

    • Will measure tonight steve

    • Cheers fella