Photos from Mike Fleming's post

Just fitted takegawa air filter and modded the pipe work.40mm to throttle body and 50mm intake to airbox.pipe was cheap as chips,used for fish ponds.another option for anyone running bbk and wanting more airflow.just need to Dremel out the airbox.

  • What is the internal structure of that hose like?

    It doesn't look like it'll be a smooth flat surface inside there.

  • Hi Steve ,no it isn't,but then again it might give the intake air a swirl effect giving better air/fuel mix in the cylinder.who knows just a thought.end of the day don't think it's going to effect it that much that it makes a massive difference. Still be getting a lot more air than it was

  • its round/cheap and it fits i have used it on loads of jobs wont collapse like smooth hose