• Photos from Mike Kinsey's post

    Items for sale. Off a 2005 Aero 750

    V&H cruzers.

    Mustang wide vintage with cobra backrest.

    Cobra tach.

    Cobra Highway bars.

    Make offers.

    • How much for the V&H

    • Make an offer. I've had them maybe 2 months.

    • I dont know how much are they

    • How much you pay

    • 300.00

    • $375

    • I can pay 250.00 if you are ok

    • I'd have to get a little more than that.

    • Woul the pipes fit a 2001 shadow ace? Mike Cruiser

    • Really not sure.

    • How much fr seat and backrest? And what year and size bike

    • 2005 aero 750 (I edited post)

      Make an offer. I paid close to $600 for the seat and backrest a few months ago.

    • Do you have a video of the pipes? How do they sound?

    • I want the seats and sissy bar how much !

    • Message me

    • Check out my youtube and you can hear em.


    • Hi Mike. How much for the tachometer?

    • Mike what price would buy the highway bars??

    • Make an offer. See what we can do

    • Bump