Photos from Mike Kinsey's post

V&H Cruzers exhaust for an Aero 750 and Spirit C2 750.

Make an offer!

  • Does it come with the modified intake?

  • What modified intake?

  • If ya switched only the pipes, ecpect early valve issues

  • It has a k&n filter. And, nah, people change just the pipes all the time. 0 issues.

  • Its not immediate damage but is bad on valves

  • So, you want to buy the pipes?

  • Basic algebra principles

  • Maybe.... How much and where

  • I'm in North Georgia. I can ship as long as you're in the US.


  • I would let them go for $300 plus shipping. I've only had them for a few months. Got them in February. About to trade the bike so I'm getting ride of after market parts.

  • All mounting hardware included. I have the baffles too. They are brand new. I took them out when I installed the pipes.

  • No thanks... I got a friend may be selling his soon..... Good luck tho.... Whar else ya got

  • I have a cobra tachometer.

  • 300.00

  • Message me

  • And I see you're in Mexico. It would probably be over $100 just to ship.

  • I am in chicago

  • Oh OK. I saw your profile said Mexico.

  • I see now where is says Chicago. Haha. I was looking at the "from" part. My bad.

  • I sent you a message

  • Ok thanks

  • 100

  • Ha!

  • Did you get the message?

  • Looks nice but i listen to motor. Got any hiway bars or pegs? Or constellation lights or rear signal plate mounts?

  • Did u sell these yet?

  • No sir

  • I may be interested what's the price at and where r they shipping from I'm in nh

  • Georgia. Make an offer. Shipping is around $50 based on size and weight.

  • Hay did I get some risers from you?

  • Yeah. I believe so. The black pullback ones?

  • mechanic just tried to get me some bars but none of his distributors had any mini aps the bar diameter I need

  • 1" right?

  • I have some drag bars. But no mini apes to sell.

  • I'm going to try ebay for the minis thanks man