• Photos from Mike N Anne Penny's post

    Anyone need parts? Got another job lot of parts just arrived. I have lots more available to. This is just some of the parts i have.

    • I could do with the final drive gear cluster??

    • I could do with a set of carb's ? ?

    • Hi John, Final drive spline and gears, £30 + P&P, Regards, Mike

    • Hi Ian, a good set of clean carbs, £95 + P&P, Regards, Mike

    • Hi Mike N Anne Penny have you any chrome grab handles?

    • Cool do you have an exhaust system?

    • Paraskevaides Lakis look what I found

    • In one of the pictures I see a stainless chain guard, how much please.

    • VCan i be second please

    • Hi Paul, £25 + P&P

    • Ok cheers.

    • Nothing i would sell at the moment. Only crappy Motads :(

    • Hi Chris, i do have one set of chrome grab rails. Price is £49 + shipping. Regards, Mike (David)

    • Do you have the front calipers bolts that bolt the caliper bracket to the forks?