Photos from Mike Warner's post


I've been busy this fall with moving into new home, haven't touched a bike build in months.

Well....that all changed this week. I put an ST90 up on the table and the plan is to install a Daytona 190cc. If you're familiar with the 90cc bikes, some of them use a 3 bolt engine pattern. So, I designed a cradle that lets me put the 2 bolt motors in the 3 bolt frames without modification to the frame, just in case someone in future wants to go back.

Here are the pics so far.

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  • Smart idea

  • That's an awesome idea. Maybe build me one in the future. Looking at an st90

  • Outstanding!

  • Bravo! Love the bracket.

  • My first one Roy. I'll let you know when I get it done.

  • Roy, sorry, I have not. I usually stick to CT70's, S65's, etc that allow the aftermarket engines to bolt in. This is first attempt at doing a swap that's not bolt in.

  • Pretty slick Mike.

  • Very nice. An inspiration.

  • Thank for posting pictures