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Got a few minutes today to play with the ST90 again. The bike didn't have a taillight when I got it and I'm not a fan of the original big taillight, so I started making something different.

I had a light off of a S65, but the angle was wrong and I really don't want to drill any more holes in the original ST90 fender. So...I tacked together the S65 light, a mitered tube and a mounting bracket. I think it will work. Still have to finish weld and clean up, but wanted to see what it would look like.

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  • Would a early style CT70 taillight bracket work?

  • I tried a CT70K0 bracket, but it won't go over the tool box of the ST90. And I don't want to lose the tool box.

  • I may build a rack to hold a small auxiliary fuel tank between the toolbox and taillight. I'm hoping to take this bike on some long rides (200 miles+) and longer range would help.

  • I don't know if I will ever get to do it but I want to make my C65 cub into a adventure bike for long excursions...I think it would be neat to take it to Vietnam or Australia for a couple month adventure like Ed March does...shipping a bike may be too expensive though

  • Still never been a fan of the tail light mounting on these.

  • *placement

  • Looks much better tho

  • My stock st90 has about 48 mile range until you walk

  • And I'm guessing running 100mph with a 190cc and 28mm carb will drop it even more.