Photos from Mike Warner's post

More fab work on the ST90 project. These ST's are such weird bikes. Not only do they use a different bolt pattern for the engine mounting, the footpeg holes are also different spacing.

This actually worked out well. I wanted to use the original pegs, but they required being spaced down about 1/2" to clear the sides of the Daytona 190 engine. So..I cut 2 plates that are 1/4" thick each. I'm using 2 allen head bolts for the right side mounting holes. These will recess into the lower 1/4" plate and not interfere with the pegs. They bolt the plates to the engine first. Then the pegs can be mounted to the plates using the 2 bolts welded in place. Lastly, 2 longer bolts go thru the pegs and both plates on the left side.

Pics aren't the greatest, but maybe you'll get the idea.

Found out the the ST90 also uses a 428 chain instead of a 420, like the CT70. New 420 rear sprocket has been ordered.

  • Did you get that 190 from

  • No, Pitster Pro.

  • Up to 25 horse...but if definately comes at a price