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please help and tell me which model?

really Idon't knows how to find and check model...

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  • I'm not clever ,I can't do that,

    I lives in Myanmar at poor mountain.

  • Ido't know how to find where of frame.

  • I can say slasher brothers.

  • Google the vin

  • Look up vin decoder and run the vin it will tell you all you needs to know

  • so thank all brother,try this morning,

    God bless to all bikies...

  • The NC26 on the engine tells you it is a 400cc v-twin. The NC40 on the frame tells you it is a Honda Shadow Slasher...depending on country sold Shadow and Steed are interchangeable marketing names. The Slasher was only made from 2000-2002.

  • If you need parts that are not for the engine, transmission, or tin work (tanks and fenders), you can use parts for a VLX 600. The 400cc engine can't use any parts from the 600. The 400 is a 400cc with a 5-speed tranny and the 600 is a 600cc with a 4-speed tranny. The frame is different and the tank and fenders are also different from the VLX600...but, things like ICU, RR, wiring harness, switches, relays, battery, fork parts, sprockets, chain are the same as the VLX 600

  • thanks.