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While looking over the bike this morn I found this adjusty knob I've never noticed before. The arrow / letters above it say

S <----> H

I take it this is Damping, or compression for rear suspension? is this standard? Recommendations on settings?

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  • its "REBOUND"damping.all the way in locks it up solid.

  • Yep bottom of standard showa shock !

  • the S and H is soft and hard.easy peasy

  • Soft and Hard, Gathered that. :) So it's Rebound.... Cheers, that's exactly what I was wondering about. For anyone interested theres a link to some good info about suspension setup and 6 posts down in this forum post. =25558

  • my scientific way was to get my son to bounce on the bugger while i turned the screw.LOL

  • Rebound damping. Doesn't make the suspension soft or hard exactly, but controls the rate at which the spring returns to normal length after compression. If you're suspension is slow to return you need softer rebound and if it returns too quickly you need harder rebound. Hope that helps.

  • I'm more surprised on how bloody clean it is down there lol!

  • Standard setting is turned all the way in until seated (gently as they can break) and back it out 1 full turn.

  • Its called the Viagra adjuster

  • Someone lend him a manual and some reading glasses.......

  • I take it you're not talking about the garage floor.... :P