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Recently I STRONGLY advised people to not choose National Cycle Products light bars due to poor design.

The saga with the National Cycle Products (NCP) light bar continues. First it was the mounting system. Incorrect for a 2004 Shadow 750 in placement on the triple tree and strength. That was cured by fabricating a stronger mount. Second was the light and turn signal mounting system used. Pathetic is a kind word. There is absolutely no way to mount the lights and turn signals without contorting one's body, arms, wrists and fingers in Houdini-like mannerisms. And you have to take everything apart to do the aiming, hope you get it correct, and don't screw up when you re-bolt everything back together again.

Regardless, after three days of fabricating and mounting and undoing and re-mounting and unbolting and remounting everything, all seemed well, until this past Sunday's trip with my bike club.

My speedo, odo, oil pressure, water temp and speedo backlight lights no longer operated when I left home. I wasn't overly concerned about the speedo, since I knew that our Road Captain would drive at the correct speed. But not having the odo for keeping track of the kms for refuel purposes was a concern. Hence, ensure a refuel mid-point of the day's outing of some 300 kms. While at the refuel (for me) spot, a club memberwanted to know why one driving light was pointing backwards. Crap; didn't know about that until he pointed it out.

Yesterday the w-h-o-l-e day was spent trying to figure out why the various lights weren't working. Went through 8 fuses trying to source the problem. The issue? If there is a short in the system, the 10A fuse for the "dash" cluster pops. A poorly welded mount left welding overspray, and the oblong hole in the tube hadn't been cleaned up properly. To add insult to injury, the cheap wire used by NCP's sub-contractors had paper thin outer coating. So, cleaning up the weld and rough edge items was in order last night.

Today was spent using "good" wire with much thicker outer coating, covered in shrink wrap, wound with 3M electrical tape, and sheathed in auto loom. Overkill, perhaps, but I absolutely hate electrical conniptions.

Late this afternoon it was time to mount the lights on the bar. Crap. Now I could see why the light had turned backwards. A major crack on one side of the way-too-large bolt hole, with a hairline crack starting on the opposite side of the hole.

The bar is now at a welding shop, having the hole completely filled in and a 3/8 hole being drilled through ... on both sides of the bar ... to properly accommodate a 5/16 bolt. Should be ready tomorrow afternoon. Plus, the mounting of the lights and the turn signals will be done in a manner that will allow mounting/adjusting the lights separately from mounting/adjusting the turn signals. Which should have been the original design.

My bike parts store is working with NCP and the Canadian distributor for a hopefully successful customer service resolution ... my money back.


So, bottom line, I again advise any/all to stay away from NCP products. For a company that advertises that they are ISO 9001 Certified, they certainly had a piece of crap built for them somewhere in the Orient.

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  • So, if you were unhappy with the quality, why not reverse the credit card charge? And why mount it at all if you were unhappy to begin with. Can't place all the blame on them. Sounds like you received a different shadow light bar.

  • looks like it fits an 1100 it looks like my lightbar and mine broke right where the the light and turn signal mount thru it.. its thin metal..