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Did a little work on my 1100c today, had 3 harley exhausts from street glide and some retro fish tail pipe and custom made true duals, also modified a 07 vt750 gas tank to fit and use all spirit mounts. Sportster 8" drag bars with ebay headlights. Waiting for harley flh rear fender and 46 pan head tail light and 2010 street glide front fender.

Debating on what color I should paint the tank and fenders. Open to suggestions

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  • Sweet deal man

  • All led so should be really bright I hope

  • Last week when I bought the bike not running for $600 bucks

  • Haha holy shit. That's awesome. I have a 99 1100c. Doesn't look quite like yours lol

  • Let me know how bright that headlight is

  • That's going to look sick!

  • I will yeah the previous owner did not put it away right for winter so I picked it up cheap it sat out side for 2 years and all I did was clean carbs and tank and new gas and it fired right up.

  • Front fender I ordered

  • 46 pan head tail light

  • Fhl rear fender

  • Also the seat is a 05 sportster solo seat