• Photos from Nguyen Truong Duong's post

    What are you gonna say about this bike?

    • love the color!!! wat yr?

    • Honda Rebel 250cc, They are great bikes. I love mine. Ho Chi Minh City / old Saigon, and I still refer to it as, "Saigon" . I spent a year there.

    • Did you have a good time in Saigon Thomas Holiday Sr.? This is the place i was born and raised.

    • I had a marvelous time in Saigon. It was great

    • Looks like mine! 2012?

    • Good to hear that.

    • How much are you asking? :-)

    • Color is great! Good lookin' Rebel!

    • Looks great.

    • Beautifull

    • Beautiful man just simply beautiful

    • Classic.

    • BIKE