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Two of my CB450's i bought for restauration.

I am 29, Germany. I love Hondas from the 70's. I rebuild them. I repair them. I make them custom.

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  • I have one identical to that on the 2nd pic in my garage. Recommisioned in 1992 by me after sleeping in someone's basement for 8 years, enjoyed intensively and then parked by myself in 1995 following activities regarding Ducatis and Alfa Romeos :-). Where are you located in Germany, if I may ask?

  • Near Bonn.

  • Thanks. That's quite some distance, I'm located near Stuttgart.

  • U wanna sell ur bike?

  • Difficult question ;-) I have kept it now for 20 years more or less untouched, so somehow it means something to me... Firstly intended to keep for historic racing, now more probably a retirement project. No time at the moment, but flirting with the idea of having it rebuilt to customs spec...