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    I'm not much of a bike-club kinda girl, but I do like riding to get from here to there. Rode my newly updated Rebel (see below) to work in NYC today and, as I parked him and began to walk away, I felt like I was leaving my kid on the first day of school. #ianthropomorphizeeverything

    • Thanks. Once I removed the passenger seat, the stock saddle was too goofy-looking and had to go.

    • cool bike

    • Sweet bike

    • That is a great lookin bike.

    • Beautiful baby!!

    • Beautiful! Its funny you are the first person I have seen refer to the Rebel as a " him"! Interesting. Got a name?

    • No name, but he's definitely a dude.

    • "The Dude" cool!

    • Ha! That could work :)

    • Right! That's what I thought! :)