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Hi all, thought it about time I put up me ride. My bike, its a 2004 model and is sporting some Scorpion aftermarket cans which give it a really good rumble when going down the road, enough to set off motion sensors in high end car alarms, pmsl. I hail from New Zealand and I've toured most of it on my VTR, I wouldn't have any other bike for long hauls, as we all know, a twist of the throttle in 3rd from town speeds and you are on your way without having to scream its nuts off like a four. Waiting for our winter to finish up so I can get her out and click up some decent km's again. I've done some mods to the air cleaner box, removed the carb restrictors and put bigger jets in, its given her about another 10 ponies on the back wheel. I've done a number of hillclimbs, 1/4 mile and flying 1/4 mile events. Top speed attained thus far is 255km/hr. Here is a Youtube link to a local hillclimb which I have riden in, it's footage of the latest winner of the event this year =KubGVzd64rg&feature=player_em bedded

  • watched your you tube link, thats mental ,,, got to have ago:)

  • that rider was crazy "new hero"

  • Great video, looks like a normal afternoon ride from Alston to Hartside ;-)

  • Hi Nigel, fellow kiwi from Wanganui. Don't race... Just ride for enjoyment. Red (common variety) Storm. Parapara highway in the back yard is an awesome playground. You may get some contacts on the Wellington Riders FB group.

  • Hi Andrew, yeah I blast up the Rimutaka hill between here and Wellington most fine weekends which would be very similar to the Para's. I usually just stay in 3rd once on the hill proper and hang on for the ride, lol, rest of my riding is around the valley which is flat to gentle slopes. The top average speed in that hillclimb link is around 190-195km/hr mark, where as my best average was 165km/hr, which I thought not too bad for a sports tourer to the likes of high end road racing bikes which compete in it.

  • Aaron, you'll get to have alot of fun on your new ride and if I can part with one piece of advice, go for sticker tyre compounds, they may wear faster, but with the amount of torque coming off of the rear tyre, they are a sound investment for staying out of hospital visits, lol. Hope you have an awesome first ride.

  • Helen, if you ever get to New Zealand, then look us up, I'm always open to showing people around my back yard so to speak, even better if done on bikes, thanks for the comment.

  • Cheers mate I appreciate the advice. I've had it for 4 days and its rained everyday ! Who ever said it doesn't rain in Australia.

  • Taran, that hillclimb is a piece of cake compared to the likes of the Isle of Man race, I did near canned off the first year I raced it, only because I was running hard compounds, but I got to live and remedy the next year after with semi racing tyres. The gripper tread shaved off heaps of time and I was throwing the bike into corners like a demon possessed, lol. Catcha

  • Haha Aaron, its still less rain than in NZ right at this moment, hehe. Summer is near around the corner, can't wait myself.