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So here's my 85. just picked it up a week or two ago. original owner said it probably has like 30 or 40 hours on it. Sat in a barn most of it's life until 2 years ago, barn started falling apart and a co worker had been begging him to buy it so he sold it to him. he changed out the calipers and fork protectors i think.. and he decides to sell it for some reason.. anyway it's mine now, and I am having fun on it.

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  • original owner said the park service had rules for 2 whelers and 4 wheelers but wouldn't let the atc's in.. back when they were getting a bad rap.. so that's why he parked it.. had no where to ride it.

  • I rode mine like I stole it broke the plastics bent the handlebars dented the tank when I wrecked it and sold it for 1800

  • the funny thing is, on day one, after kicking the heck out of the kickstart, and hurting my ankle slightly and having the kick start pop my boot once, i put the thing on craigslist and said kickstart bikes aren't for me.. listed at 1600.. then i read up on them a little more, got into the grove of how to start it, which is simple.. anyway then i saw how easy it is on mine and got used to starting it and how fast it warms up and saw how great running and easy to start it really is.. i took the ad down immediately LOL i'd rather have it than $1600

  • oh and i watched a couple of videos on youtube.. good stuff

  • Hell ya dude they're fun as hell wish I didn't have to sell mine

  • Hell of a nice find right there and yes you definitely stole it :-) Congrats and enjoy that awesome machine

  • Go 3 up wheelies fuckin wild

  • Do you have to do anything to get it to wheelie? like shift your weight back or clutch it up or anything? mine doesn't seem like it will wheelie off hitting the throttle alone

  • Damn....making mine look like a welfare case...

  • Hell yeah man! What a score! I would save those plastics, especially the rear "350x" flap. They are very hard to find.