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Put on the New drive train tonight with only moderate swearing due to sheared bolt

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  • How did you manage to sheer a bolt

  • Brute strength and ignorance. It was the last bolt and I yanked a bit hard. Ah well all sorted now significant improvement in the ride compared to the stock garbage

  • Yeah Honda bolts are made of cheese, I learnt that the hard way doing a top end rebuild on my old dirtbike :(

  • Did you not use a torque wrench?

  • Yup, still didn't help! The previous owner sheared an engine bolt and stuck it back in place with bathroom sealant so I think they were going to go regardless of how careful I was. Also I stripped two threads putting the head back on a had a tantrum. Good times!

  • I know the feeling I stopped the same head bolts 4 times until I torque wrench was out of spec by a decent margin

  • Ouch