Photos from Ozzy Osborne's post

Side panels back on!

  • Can you put a link on to where you had them done and how much please.

    Looks mint, fantastic idea.

  • DIY mate! vinyl wrap from eBay £6 a roll!

  • Looks proper good that mate.

  • Easy job! Loads of colours on eBay!

  • Nice that mate. That two tone thing actually works well!

    Have you wrapped the inner sides of the rear footpeg arm bracket things too?

  • Nah, maybe it's the shadow...? I am gonna do some subtle wraps here and there though, to match the side panels

  • Must be the way the photo is then. Unfortunately for me it looks quite nice, shadows or not. So I might just have to wrap the inner parts too..

    Also, headlight tint?

  • Yeah... Lol! Headlight tint

  • Will pass MOT too

  • Excellent. I did this to my sv650 years ago and completely forgot about it, same perforated wrap too. Thanks for the reminder! I'll post my CB on the page so you can advise on what to do to it!