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Hello everyone.

I bought my next project a true barn find. It is full of rust, chrome is bad, the tires are bald, the wiring is messed up, the aluminium is fully oxidized, the engine is seized, the front brake is missing, I probably paid to much for it and again it is a totally true barn find,. But it is perfect in every way because if I screw it up, I have not ruined a good bike, If I cannot finish it well I have a bunch of spare parts, It will give me something to do over the winter as I convert it to a café style Hellcat. Yes it is a truly perfect barn find and can't wait to tear it apart and rebuild it for spring of 2016.

Looking forward getting ideas about café racers from everyone.

Two songs come to mind with this Gnarls Barkley GRAZY and Joe Cockers A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FREINDS

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  • Can't wait to see what you do with it, Paul!

  • Awesome find! Been looking for another 450 for a while now.

  • It is a 1973. In the next few days the engine will be off and soda blasted before it will be stripped down, gutted and fillet.

  • I should be riding this 73 for my 63th birthday lol. I keep thinking of the song Crazy.

  • Good stuff!

    Look forward to watching it progress :-)

  • Sounds like a very musical project. Can't wait till those pipes are sing a tune at 10,000 RPMs

  • That's a pretty good color scheme if I say so myself

  • Still looking good...