Photos from Paul Guglielmin's post

Motor off. Still seized. But still working on it. Then off to soda blasting and then rebuilding. The tunnel has started and will be looking for the light at the end. (In a few months)

  • In more ways than one . Lol

  • as for freeing pistons: i prefer the hydraulic method: fill the cylinder with old engine oil, attach sparkplug->hydraulic adaptor, attach hydraulic pump, and most of the time it takes less than 10 bar to get it moving again.

  • looks like this when attached to an engine. fits enerpac hydraulic pumps. but any manual hydraulic pump works for this

  • as you see i don't prefer waiting my entire life for a piston to break free again..

  • Come on Paul.

    Hurry up. :-)

  • haha!

  • Ricardo this will not work for me. I am getting blow back through the exhaust and intake openings. All the valves are open

  • well

  • you can get the camshafts out before you try

  • just cut the cam chain, rotate the camshaft until there is no more load on it, and disassemble it. the torsion bar keeps the valves shut well enough for this to work

  • it only gets tricky when either a valve is bent/stuck or, it's a two stroke. :-)