• Photos from Paul Guglielmin's post

    Well degreased, power washed , and now at the sodablasters. Soon it will be wrench time and of course miller time. Lol

    • miller time?

    • Can't wait to see pictures of the soda blasted motor. Just curious as to if anyone has tried vapor blasting on a motor as well.

    • a friend of mine tried that, but i wasn't really amazed by the result. it gets off most of the dirt, but some near the sprocket and in some corners of the crankcase had to be removed manually. it's a nice start though. Doesn't help with getting off corrosion unfortunately.

    • Miller Time.

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    • This is the second motor I have had done. And it puts eve thing on an equal playing field, so much easier to polish afterwards. I have pictures of before and after on my last motor I will post tonight

    • I've used both processes. Soda is nowhere near as good as vapour. That was my experience anyway.

    • glenn do you have any pictures of before and after vapour blasting

    • Sure do.

      Put some up tonight.

    • You wouldn't happen to have some cam followers for a 73 CL450, perhaps?

    • This was some of my parts before vapour blast

    • And the after shot.

    • wow better than new did you have to spray them with any protective coating

    • sorry no But when I tear abart this engine and if it is beyond repair I may have

    • No. What they did was vapour blast then vibro polish (which basically involves tumbling the parts in ceramic beads i believe) They looked great after the blasting, but the vibro puts a slight sheen on as well as helps seal /close the pores of the metal so it retains it's look.

      Lond time back I had my XL250 Soda blasted and it came back dull and still with bits of mud back deep in the fins! Maybe it was due to a hopeless operator? but I wasn't impressed at all with the result.

    • Here's one I like to trot out every so often...

      My old Z1 as bought, with Black engine

    • To this. All done with paint stripper and a heap of hard scrubbing/ polishing by hand...

      All comes down to how keen you are. lol

    • looks like a 75

    • Close...'74. Z1-A

    • how about the brake hub how did that turn out after the vapour blasting

    • I almost bought one in 1975, but then decided no to and stayed with the 450.

    • Don't have a real pic of the hub...only when i re-laced the wheel.

    • This was how it ended up. Should have never sold it :-(