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Ok I decide to take apart an old motor that was seized. Using a small jack and a bracket I pushed out the Pistons and then split the casings and gutted the inside.

I am having trouble removing the barrel studs. Any suggestions.

All of the parts on the bottom end are available if some one is interested

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  • good work! i prefer doing it the hydraulic way anytime i've got a stuck piston.

  • What about the 8 studs

  • i've got a set which was about 70 euros for 7 different diameters. works flawless, even on cb350 bolts which are tricky (need to swap some of the rollers betreen the nuts in order to get the 350 studs out)

  • Liberal amount of Kroil on the base of the studs, jam two nuts together on the stud, and apply heat to the jugs with a commercial grade head gun for several minutes. Back out using the lower of the two nuts.

  • HEAT gun, not HEAD gun

  • i tried the double nut but was afraid I might stretch the threads.

  • Is this the motor you were soaking in fuel oil or another one? The double nut method has always worked for me but if worried about the threads where the nuts are maybe add another couple of nuts to spread out the stress.

  • I also like the idea of a bit of heat with the heat gun then kroil or wd40 to work into base.

  • this was an bottom end of another motor. I had it hanging around so I decide to practice LOL. the Motor that was soaking in fuel oil is at the soada blasters and that is the one I need to rebuild.