• Photos from Paul Guglielmin's post

    I must be insane! Just picked up another barn find. Now between the two I should be able to make one with lots of spare parts, maybe I can build a gun lol

    • Couldn't see the fins on it in the pic, but yes, must be an Isotherm type dipstick.

    • Yes they come up on Ebay for what i consider crazy money . Remember seeing a review in some mag about how yes it might cool oil but not enough to make a difference. Cool looking though.

    • That is what it is

    • Love to know that my memory has not failed yet

    • Now you need the finned points cover to go with it.

    • I was bidding on one of those finned points covers. It went through the roof! Had to give up.

    • That dipstick looks like it's about to burst at the bottom. Might wanna check that out closely.

    • I noticed that my self but not sure why and I will check into it when I take the motor apart.

    • Yeah, it must have frozen at one point. Mine doesn't look that way.