Photos from Paul Guglielmin's post


Ok so these are the two bikes that I will make into one and any spare parts I will let everyone know. Hopefully it will be as nice as my original 72

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  • Just make em run and call them survivors lol

  • These are old relics that only a few people (this Group) realise how important these bikes were in the mid 60's early 70's and when you see one and no matter what shape it is you see an era that will never come back again.

  • I would buy either one of those and defend it's shape to anyone. I restore mopar muscle from the same Era and these bikes held up better. There's something to say about the quality of these bikes and I'm proud of mine to no end.

  • you bet and I have my eyes on a couple of more

  • I'm in the Midwest and the Japanese bikes is not as flavorful as the American bikes.

  • Have my eyes set on one that needs saved but the man thinks it's made of gold.

  • anyone can buy a new bike, anyone can buy a used bike, very few can take twisted metal and beat up bikes and bring them back to their glory

  • That is why this group is so important.