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    Hi folks,

    My mates dad has asked me to sell his bike for him, I will get more details over the next few days buts it's CB1000RA in the rare repsol colours, sure it's a 08 but will confirm when I get more detail.

    It's done just over 8k with some nice mods. VGC bike.

    What sort of price would 1 of these be worth as hard to gauge in this colour scheme.


    • It's a non ABS model, it's CB1000R not CB1000RA. As the A denote a ABS model. Still looks great though!

    • He said on his v5 it stated RA? Weird

    • Hmmmm cause the setup on the front wheel doesn't comes with ABS setup

    • Sold mine for 4.5k just before Christmas. 08 plate 10k on the clock. Lots of little after market parts. It was an abs model. I would have thought between 4-5k for yours. Just got to find the right buyer. Someone might pay bit more for the hrc colours.

    • I'm struggling to sell mine 2012 abs extreme for 5200

    • R9...... 3800-5800

    • It's a 60 plate lads

    • Hi James. What are them little triangle stickers you had on the rear fairing just below the seat cowl? Me likey

    • They were on the bike when I got it however tracked a picture down for you. They are protection stickers by moto graphics