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Checkin in from Southern California. This is a garage find i picked up a few months ago. 1980 ct 110, 930 original miles and if you look at the plate ,not registered since 85.. It had 30 year old gas in the tank ,so i had to pull it and give it an acid bath.. Repaint with Chevy engine orange . (it looks close enough) The carb was so gummed up, i popped for the $25 e bay special.. New Battery & Wiped the dust off her and she is running like a champ.

  • Here is a website full of info and help for the CT 90's and 110's... you will have to register to see all the posts, but I think it will be well worth it:

  • Thanks Dave, I'll check it out.

  • and when they talk about "the good doctor", they are talking about that is Beatrice cycle, who has just about everything you could possibly need for one of these cool little bikes...

  • Cracker

  • The high range only bike was designed for australia post contract bikes, basically to reduce the manufacturing cost. All our cts after 1980 are high range only except for the agri models.

  • I want a number plate from there :)\

  • I like the Chevy orange...

  • John the bike is original color , only the gas tank is Chevy orange.

  • Rhys, I believe on the US spec models, 1980 was the only year without the sub trans, I see lot of newer than mine models that have the sub trans in the US...

  • The bike has kept its colour well..