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Back in 2012 we decided to put three of our bikes in a vintage bike show. The 69 Honda CL450 and a 69 TC120 (and a Yamaha Enduro). Below is the little poster we made up for the show. As far as the hair...what can I say, and believe it or not I was in the Navy at the time, my chief was counting the days till he retired and had a give a shit, this being San Francisco, 1972, well, I was just trying to blend in with the locals my age by looking like a scuzball. It was fun while it lasted. 2nd picture is a friend holding our son as we loaded up for our trip home, my Navy days were over (January 1974). Today that son is 43. We towed the two bikes on the Holsclaw trailer 4,000 miles that trip...3rd picture is that same trailer 38 years later being used once again to transport those same bikes, but this time to a bike show. I recently purchased the larger version Holsclaw trailer and repainted them both. I also bought baby moon Holsclaw hubcaps for both. The license plate on the original trailer that I've had for 46 years is FLASHBK, short for FLASHBACK which is what it is for me any time I load up that trailer with the old Honda. Last picture, the bike I traded in on the 69 CL450, that's me in front on my 305 Super Hawk. OK, that's it, no more suffering through my family slides, you've seen all I've got. LOL

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  • This is good stuff.

  • Beautiful memories'...pass it to next generation...vintage and life