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I dunno if some of you will remember, but earlier last year I decided NOT to spend a fortune on a rear 'hugger', but instead used a bit of hardboard stuck to base of battery-box down to s/arm (to protect shock from crud off rear wheel). Well, after around 9 months it snapped off. Not one to give up, here is the latest attempt. An old rubber car floor mat. Stuck to same battery box, but this time attached to shock lower mount, (where on Mk2 there is a small hole), using a cable-tie. Actually, after finishing, I don't expect this to last long (where tie goes through rubber), so already got plan (when it goes) to wrap lower of mat around actual shock base, & cable-tie around it. I did look at wrapping mat around whole shock, but bit of pain to try doing (couldn't get hands in). whatever, it's cost me nowt so far (but if I had to add up the 'cost of parts', probably about 25p for both attempts so far - beats £70+ ).

  • Nooo! That's my fuel money for trip to a bike show in holland! If i can afford flash stuff for bike, then I can afford to put it in tank & do more miles instead. That's always been my philosophy.

  • You will get a name about yourself n it will be your own fault ,

  • Nay laddie. From St. Albans - The TRUE heart of England. 1st Christian martyr on English soil (Christian version), or Local hero who fought Romans (pagan-type version). & a real person (unlike St. George). & born in England. The TRUE flag of England! & if the Benedict Blundersnatch version of "Hawking" is to be belived, then our greatest scientist Stephen Hawking once declared St. Albans as "the centre of the universe" (& if he said so, it must be true, coz he knows everything 'bout everything) :)

  • Just buy an r&g shox sock. Ideal. Had one on my cbf and now bought one for my cb500x. Don't be miserable. Buy it.

  • Does that involve removing shock to fit it?

  • No. Simply have shock cleaned. Wrap it around shock and use the velcro, then two zip ties. Great job. £25. Mind you, I'm on the look out for an old wetsuit to make fork gaiters for the 500x.

  • There's a laverda museum just a few kilometres on outskirts of Amsterdam. He's got a v6 laverda. Going to see it in May.

  • Sounds good. Getting to top of shock may be hard. On past bikes, I used to use rubber mats & cable ties to do my front forks too!. My Mk2 came with those plastic things already on, so leaving it like that for now.

  • It's so easy to do. I can do it.

  • May be able to see fork leg protectors I made for this Honda CB "SevenFifty" I had.

  • But I am trying my best to keep my Mk2 looking nice for a change. well, for as long as I can ( rear shock rubber mat can't reaaly be seen unless scrutinizing a bike)

  • I have drawings and measurements somewhere in my organised garage for gaiters, but they are hiding somewhere. a mate was to get me a wetsuit but hadn't come through with it.

  • 'Gaiters', that's the word I was looking for. Couldn't think of it. I hold C&G 1&2 in M/cycle maniacs, but couldn't think whast those rubbery bits over fork legs are called :)

  • It will cost more than £75 when that mat ends up falling off into the gap between the rear tyres and the swinging arm and the rear locks up and you go down

    road on your arse!

  • That's what someone said last time & it never happened.

  • Petal Hodge So maybe you should stop wearing your crash helmet because you've never had your skull fractured!

  • I think I'd rather buy a proper hugger .after the pictures I saw.

  • Me too...

  • Oh dear, getting very silly. Maybe you should stick to a Volvo if you that concerned about getting hurt. If yer times up, it's up. & it may not happen on a m/cycle. Mate of mine decided not t ride his bike to work in the wet, so went to catch a bus & got hit at bus stop by a cop car & had both legs in plaster for a year. & one of my helmets is over 30 years old & I still use it.

  • I used the plastic stuff that's used to reinforce my saddle bags. I affixed it with roof & gutter sealant and it works well. It's been on the bike for 3yrs and about 50 odd thousand km's now -- still there.

  • Excellent. Cheers! :)