• Photos from Pete Mccrave's post

    still looking for a msx to swap

    • Yeah but what's chances of an

      Msx owner parting with it for that?

    • Gary John Harte-lovelace you could have swapped the ksr 80 if you hadn't had sold it is reckon?

    • How much?

    • 2200

    • Where u at?

    • chesterfield derbyshire

    • :((( im in US

      This is cool moped for sure

    • What are the engine specs or is it standard?

    • 150 cc 4 speed manual clutch

    • I want this so bad

    • I take it that it is registered as 150cc ??

    • How fast?

    • Swop

    • California one

    • What is it?

    • He said before it is not.

    • 75 ish depending on gearing

    • Sick!! Wish you were in the US

    • Deffo swap Paul that looks lush

    • Joshy Poshy Higson which one I like the repsol

    • B

    • Supermoto

    • Still waiting to find out what the supermoto is

    • Yeah man