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    Looking to sell My immacualte 2011 CBF1000GT, as I am not using it enough. Under 4,000 miles, full fairing lowers, full honda lggage,(colour coded topbox & panniers), R&G crash bungs, Baglux tank cover, MRA Vario screen, Tony Archer piped upholstered seat. Full Honda service history, MOT, etc. What's it worth, and is anyone interested?

    • Any idea on price

    • I suppose around the 5k mark

    • I recently sold my 2007 cbf with luggage and 6200 miles and some extras. Pitch it below the dealers price by a couple of hundred quid and it will sell. I miss my bike and would like another one but not fit to ride yet for another few months.

    • Such a shame , nice lady someone's gonna get s good bike

    • Here in Italy this bike with this optionals with 4k mls sells privately at around 8k €

      Nothing less

      I bought mine (2010, no gadget, 24k mls) @ 5.5 k€ and it was the right price here