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Okay... I know it's not a Firestorm BUT I do also have one.

FOR SALE Kawasaki ZX12r. Awesome bike and I really do love riding it but it MUST go. Reason for sale..... I'm clearly too mental to keep it and it's going to end in tears!!

32,000 miles, owned by a mate before me.... Amazing condition.

I'm totally honest, the bike is 110% legit and stunning.

Call me on 07889438878 for more info.

Price £2850 Ono.

  • My old storm. I'm keeping this, I rarely ride anyway and I'm best no where near bikes!

  • Sunday just gone. Having all the best intentions of behaving myself it's not worth keeping this if I want to keep my licence, health/life. I got out of bikes a few years back having been "lucky"....... If anyone wants an awesome bike and can sit on something like this without wanting to do what it was intended to do... Please give this a good home

  • New tyres, new MOT. My mate who owned it before me is a mechanic and it is spot on. Had new pads few hundred miles back, all new chain sprockets.... Needs nothing.

  • Looks great in red (y)

  • Punting it around the local bike shops to try and find a mechanic or someone that knows what these are about... Needs a good new home and not anyone with the cash but no ability to handle it..

  • Red is unmarked...

  • am been looking at one of these want somthing it will handle

  • I'm torn about flogging it, having always had R1's and taken it much to their limits, I'm very surprised at just what this can do. Yesterday I went around a few bike shops on it and gave my number out. Every person commented on how great it looks.

    Today I'm going for a ride out and to be honest I'm thinking to keep it. If it goes it goes but the handling, performance and look of the bike really is making me think I should hang on to it.

  • Actually prefer the look of the ZX12 now over the R1...... But the Yams certainly handled well.

  • A had a fazer 1000 loved the performance but the handling way horrible