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Thinking about sticking this on a few track days. Can anyone tell me if the standard bars will just go back on here?

Anyone got the bits needed to get me head down and arse up again... So to speak!!

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  • the way youre set up is going to be easy.just get some ace bars and bolt them on.will be the same or lower than std.

  • Old skool....didn't think of that!!

  • just go as is, it'll be fun!

  • then you can just revert back when you want.

  • I feel a bit too high to flick it around and get right over...don't feel right. Not really had a chance to even ride the bike much but I get the impression it's great for distance but on the track it would not feel right.

  • The standard set up is individual left and right bars...if I stack it...and I will, it's easier to replace just one side than another set of one piece bars.

  • pair of ace bars are £20 off ebay.its up to you of course.

  • Hmmm....that's cheaper than 2 pairs

  • indeed pays your money

  • Fair enough, I see what you mean. I've ridden a Storm with flat bars once and I although it would take some getting used to, I imagined it would be great fun on track having to fight that front end down everywhere. But yes, the more 'traditional' approach could be easier to gel with if you've not tracked it before.

  • Done plenty of track. I'd like an old R1 again but they're pretty expensive now and in all honesty it's only going to get ragged around and no doubt dropped. The storm was cheap, can be knocked about and made ready to go on the's sat doing nothing now I have the ZX12r for road.

  • Oh man... lean over a bit more :) Ground clearance will be a issue this way.

  • I agree with you, clipons is the way to go on the circuit. I have renthals myself, but only street use. On the track you want much more weight on the front wheel. With the renthals its gonna run wide when you push the front

  • and you'll need bar-end sliders by the look of it! Now I know why you want clip-ons ;)

  • I have a set of standard bars you can have mate, there's no bar weights in them tho, but if your doing 20 mins track sessions that shouldn't cause a problem, you know where I am, also fit a 5mm shock spacer to raise the rear, and if needs be you can drop the yokes a few mm

  • You the man Martin!!

  • Pretend your wayne gardener on his sit up and beg kwakashitty