Photos from Phillip Elliott's post

Wanting to swap straight bar conversion for standard top yoke and drop bars if anyone interested?

  • I have the option to go back to straight bars but can't see me doing that so I may aswell change top yoke and get spare bars for my trackdays.

  • Keen as but in Australia mate

  • I'd LOVE to personally deliver them to you.....Australia looks awesome!

  • Mate you would love it... some brilliant roads and almost never rains!

  • Your bes off geting it on ebay I got a spar top yoke and wos look at puting renfls bars on my but the inshun look don't work on them cud sopem

  • You must live in the desert Peter. It rains plenty in Melbourne. Lol

  • Lol nsw central tablelands

  • 40 K from by long Valley way. Brilliant road

  • Nice!

  • I live in the Old (proper!) South Wales.! haha! Im sure you have places over there with the same place names as over here.?? It always rains in this South Wales though.! 8|

  • HI phillip

    On the middle pic you have handlebar mounted mirrors. It look like you have swopped the back side of the clutch and brake lever brackets for ones with a threaded hole for the mirrors. Is it a simple swop

  • It was already like it when I bought the bike so no idea.

  • Is there any chance of you taking a close up pic of where the mirror mounts to the handlebars so I can see how it works

  • Steve Burnett

  • Thanks phillip

    thats a great help. I just need to track down the same brackets myself

  • Steve Burnett I can ask the previous owner, John Logan on the VTR Firestorm forum.

  • I'm interested!

  • I saw these on ebay but tp be honest I was worried about pulling an emergency stop and the bracket giving way. Not a problem if they just hold the mirror but I would hate to lose my front brakes.

    I have seen some really cheap junk from the far east on flea bay lol

  • Steve Burnett They're not going anywhere...not a lot of stress on these. Mine aren't mega tight but just nipped up and trust me i've pulled the front brake hard enough to know these are okay.