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This big beast of a padlock and chain came today.

I put the Oxford monster lock next to it for size comparison

  • Almax?

  • Almax beast

  • Yes, Almax Immobiliser Series IV

  • I got rid of my oxford monster 6 years ago for an Almax, i now have have 3 of them

  • I'm just learning this now lol

  • Well since you mentioned the Abloy 342, i have decided to look out for one as i doubling the chains onto a squaire 65 but could do with using the chains independently.

  • I went series 3 because i couldn't get the series 4 through the frame and the series 4 is a lot heavier so carrying it around would if been a no no.

  • Series 4 is a mammoth chain

  • Leon Nutz Allen it'certainly isn't a chain and lock you want to be carry around with you lol

  • True, I'll be getting its little brother chain for my MSX

  • Or drop on your toes!!!!..........

  • Leon Nutz Allen >:o >:o lmao

  • Therese 3 that i am watching at the moment on the bay, thanks for the link

  • Leon Nutz Allenknow prob :-) Only get the ones with the same shape keys in the picture, as the half cut keys are from the older locks

  • Yeah there was a guy selling one with only 2 keys so i passed on it

  • not good,last thing you want to do is lose keys to this lock lol

  • We use abloy at work, 1 key does all the locks

  • Leon Nutz Allen great locks

  • How much did this chain and lock set you back? If you don't mind me asking

  • All depends what series, length and lock you want

  • Thanks Leon

  • No worries mate

  • Almax Series IV 2.5M ChainSquire AI4 2.5M ChainSquire £239.95 & I also got the Abloy PL362 Padlock at £175.20p

  • Thanks Rachel been thinking about Almax chains for a while but wasn't sure how much they cost lol

  • Stick to oxfords or mammoth for now, get a holiday saved for then upgrade to Almax

  • The prices aren't bad considering it's one of the hardest chain's you can buy

  • I oxford monster and even though it was thatcham approved when they showed it being cut it like cheese i thought it was time to upgrade.

  • William Walker oh holiday money. save for holiday or bike o.O lol

  • Holiday, taking my mam and niece away for my nieces birthday next year which is setting me back £2,500

  • William Walker That so great of you (y)

  • William Walker I know the bike would get a mention in there somewhere

  • Rachel S Poulton yep, get the holiday out the way and then I've got plenty spare cash each month to get her just the way I want her, got a vision in my head and plan to see it come to light

  • I could still bust into it in about a minute or so

  • Chain and lock don't make me angry you won't like me when I'm angry. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR I could still bust into it in about a minute or so