Photos from Randy Stever's post

Hi Guys,

I"m considering buying this 85,V65 magna.

It has all newly painted parts (tank,finder ,side covers) The bike was parked 3 years ago to do the paint work. It needs minor reassembly of the painted parts even though the picture shows it assembled. The master clutch cylinder and or clutch slave cylinder needs replacement. I feel the bike has been stored outside because the throttle and choke cable are locked up and there is various minor rusted parts. The owner says that all it needs is a battery , fresh gas and a reserve tank cleanout. I feel it will need at least a Billy Carr carb rebuild since it wasnt properly prepped for storage. These bikes rapidly deteriorate sitting out fro 3 years and i wonder what else could be wrong with it. I do feel the bike probably ran fine when he parked it otherwise he would have not spent the time and money on the paintwork. I have no problem working on he bike and actully enjoy it. He wants $1500 for it. It has 20,000 miles on it.

What do you think it worth it?