Photos from Reinier Repelsteel's post

Hello iam reinier from the netherlands.first bike is my daily bike 250 and the other one is my project to restore the old bike!thanks for excepting my in the group ( and sorry for the crappy english )

  • Don't worry about the English. No one will expect you to speak perfect English. We're happy that you try.

    Welcome to the group and may I say that's a nice looking daily bike. 80's vintage? What plans do you have for the project bike? Restore to original? Bob it? Something in the middle?

  • Tnx man.yes the first one is a 250 from 86 and the other is a 450 also from 86.that one gets a more stearing ( hope thats correct ) something like old vintage bikes juse..futher im going to ( professional ) paint it in black ( not shiny ) and with a realy dark red band in the middel! All the rest is going to be like original standard..first i have to fix the bike and make it run because its was standing still for more than one year,in the rain so everything was rustet and stuck...this is a picture of it today

  • Matte black with a red stripe sounds excellent! I can't wait to see the finished pictures.

  • You will

  • Nice Reiner , and goodluck with the restoration .

  • Thank man