Photos from Reinier Repelsteel's post

After many years and 3 weeks of cursing...i run my ass of and tadaaa it runs!one rebel back alive and now its gooing to be restored to a beast

  • Nice work brother!mi bike is going to be matte black with a wide red tripe of metallic deep red,back to front!wider stering wheel and the side caps are also matte black/schroom and bloody red letter in paintbrush,rebel 450!

  • But i wont sell mine

  • Mister Reiner Krops may I ask you how to release the dasboard ?

  • Yes you can mister Johan

  • O and i see that you ask the question earlyer...i see some rust so dont forget to youse some wd40 before youre going to open it

  • The loosening of nuts is not a problem. Do I have to detach the cap carefully ?

  • it is pretty strong plastic but be carefull with the km teller..that one can fall!overall its a easy job.good luck

  • many thanks man!

  • No problem!if you are handy with the the clymer manual for the rebel...