• Photos from Reinier Repelsteel's post

    Before and after shot...2 days work

    • Or matte black,not sure yet

    • I think black would be awesome

    • I tried heat paint for years on mine but it never lasted... Different paints and enamels. I recently had the head and barrels powder coated and I'm not expecting any more peeling/cracking or dullness anymore!

    • Thats will be the second option...i have a special paint for high tempatures...if it fail i have a spear

    • What are you using to clean it up?

    • Clean what up?paint ore rust?

    • The rust

    • A small koper brush..or messing brush..butt becarefull it will faint the mettal blingbling!after the brush i yuse polish cleaner ( dus not mather with brand ) (english us sometimes crap,sorry)

    • Its ok, thank you for the tips ill try it on my 97, 125

    • Great!show us the before and after picture