• Photos from Richard Allbrighton's post

    50 mm mirror extenders & 75mm extenders on the bike. Road test tomorrow with 75mm 's on

    • BSA bloke on Ebay Andrew Twitchell

    • Thanks, First I knew of them and definitely the only bad point on the Storm.

    • & CCTs & the rectifier but apart from that they are the dogs !

    • I can only just squeeze the bike into my parking space with the 50's on so no point trying the 75's, wall's already got black scratch marks after just being freshly painted yellow by the landlord so don't suppose I'm very popular lol

    • Making them myself. 50mm extenders £25 per set +£4 delivery, including 2 stainless steel button head bolts. 75mm's will be made to order. Same price, 4-6 week turnaround. No cheap alternatives around so tried this & it is very good. Inbox me if you want to buy or any questions.

    • Similar issues to neil, for me too. iI wondered whether to mark both parts at the joint, then slack bolt off & fold in for parking

    • I thought about that but couldn't be assed stopping on the roadside every night to fold them in so scratched mirrors it is :)

    • This things replaces the functions of your kneepads too, istn it? :D

    • Maronn 'ru Carmn...ce cos?!

    • Sorry, but both lengths look ugly on a storm.